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Pilates is the challenge I didn't know my body needed and it has helped improve in other areas of life. In a moment of stress, I can practice my breathing to redirect my energy. After sitting for long periods in front of the computer I learned to stretch my spine, my hands/wrists, and even my ankles. It doesn't always feel good at the moment, but I'm learning to trust my body to carry me as it gains strength through the practice of Pilates. 


I have a love/hate relationship with Pilates. For years I have trained with video Pilates instructors. When I started working with Coach Robin, I quickly realized that I was doing the movements the wrong way. Coach Robin is a true COACH/GUIDE. She has a keen eye. Her focus is on making sure you are doing the movements correctly not the fast-quick-get-it-over movement. Coach Robin's style of teaching is phenomenal. In the past year of working with her I can see my growth. I hate Pilates because it challenges my body. I love Pilates because in the words of Coach Robin, 'Pilates is hard, but it makes everything you do with your body easy. Thank you, Coach Robin, for teaching me the correct method and the history of Pilates. (Original quote by LaBriece Oschner: 'Pilates is hard, but it makes everything else easier.')


I was NOT feeling Pilates when I started 3 years ago. I felt like it was impossible to complete class. My FAVORITE response during class is "You're trippin Coach Robin!" I was a runner & I often had pain in my quads. The first time I tried Pilates with Coach Robin it was hard. I couldn't touch my toes and all that stretching was HARD. However, Coach Robin encouraged me to keep trying & to not give up. I'm more flexible because of Pilates. Coach Robin is the BEST instructor, and she has the patience of Job. Now, I can touch my toes on most days AND I rarely have that pain in my quad. My core is getting stronger every day. One day I WILL be able to do that headstand...NOT!!!


My journey began in the mid-summer of the Pandemic when the world went virtual. Having scoliosis all my life but was flexible in my younger years. As I've aged, I began having continuously lower spinal back pain. Going back and forth to Physical Therapy, I had to change. The change was Pilates. All the movements that I was doing in my Physical Therapy sessions are similar, strengthening my core, spine, and entire body. To help my mindful stability, I joined the Pilates class under the direction of Coach Robin. Although I may not perfect the moves due to my scoliosis, Coach Robin still shows compassion and encourages us to be as great as our bodies allow the ability to conquer the moves. "Listen to your body," as Coach Robin often tells the class. Anyone with back pain will benefit by joining the workout class.

Posse Crew Member,


Taking Coach Robin's Pilates class has changed my life for the better. I am more flexible, and my inner core is stronger. At first, I was afraid to take this class. Now, I am glad I did thanks to Coach Robin's awesome teaching styles. I have learned how to connect with my body and my limitations. Thank you for everything Coach Robin.


I have been working with Pilates for some years now. However, I have consistently met Coach Robin and her faithful crew on the mat for Pilates (2x weekly) for this entire year (2021). I have improved my overall body strength. I've noticed that my back is stronger, and my flexibility is better. I can now do a full 'teaser'. I've learned how to listen to my body, self-care is better and OMG my breathing is better. Thank you, Coach Robin, who is my faithful niece.


I first started doing reformer Pilates at my local gym. While my gym was closed, I saw Coach Robin doing mat Pilates on a fitness page and decided to check out her class. I initially didn't believe that mat Pilates would be as effective as reformer Pilates. I was so wrong! Mat Pilates is not only effective but is more challenging since it's just your body and gravity. Pilates has improved my posture and alleviated my neck and back pains. It has also strengthened my core, making me a better runner. I love the challenge of Pilates and enjoy the way Coach Robin presents it so that it is fun, yet challenging.


Coach Robinnnnn,

 You ain’t have to do us like that lol!  What an incredible time we had with you opening our All-Staff meeting with your Pilates session. Carla and I could not be more thankful for how you showed up as your authentic self and brought so much life to our self-care workshop. We were so blessed by you. There was one thing you said, that really captivated me, “Breathing is the most important job you have in your life." It was such a simple reminder, but honestly, that quote and your breathing exercises helped me all week. I genuinely used them not only at my desk, but also before, during, and after my runs.


Seasons of Self Care, 
Was a great learning experience. The ideas of self-care that Coach Renee shared was very helpful. An amazing class that you would definitely enjoy and learn tools and techniques to take better care of yourself.
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